Friday, May 28, 2010

Chapter 7

I smiled, waking up to see Peter staring at me, just inches from my face. I couldn't believe how amazing he looked with his crimson eyes and his pale skin.

"Hey, baby," he whispered, kissing my forehead. "How was your night?"

I smiled at him as I moved closer, snuggling into his arms. It would be so sad when I had to move back to Charlie's house and couldn't spend all day, every day with him. School would be starting up again and that would be hours that I couldn't spend with him, especially since Charlie was under the impression that Peter was in the army. It would make it even worse that I would be stuck there with guys who couldn't come anywhere close to comparing with Peter.

"You have to go home today," he reminded me, making me groan. "I promise, I'll pick you up every day after school."

I smiled, just wanting to stay in the bed for the rest of the day with him. It probably would have been possible too, except for the fact that Alice ran into the room, saying, "We have to have a girls day out!"

"Alice," I groaned as I sat up. "I don't want to go anywhere. This is my last day with Peter."

She glared at me as she stated, "Well, I just didn't want you to go shopping with us. Plus, I don't think that Peter wants you around when Edward gets back."

Peter snarled, causing me to put my hand on his chest. He calmed down before I stood up and grabbed my clothes, going into the bathroom to change. I was really worried about how Peter would react to Edward and I didn't want him to be alone, but there was no way that he would let me stay. What I loved about Peter though, was that he trusted the people who mattered most. He wasn't really trusting of anyone besides Jasper and Alice at first but he really came around.

After I was ready, we all went down to the kitchen where Esme was making French toast. I smiled as I sat down and started eating while Peter leaned against the other side of the counter.

"So, what did you and Alice talk about while I was getting ready?" I asked, swallowing a bite. He gave me an innocent look. "Oh come on, Peter. Don't give me that look."

He just shrugged before he jumped over the counter, a snarl coming form him which meant that Edward was coming home. I couldn't help but groan at the idea of Edward and Peter fighting once again. There was no one else who could calm him down and I didn't want to think of what could happen when he was angry.

"We have to go," Alice said, grabbing my plate and piling more slices of French toast onto my plate. "You can eat on the way."

I wrapped my arms around Peter and leaned up to kiss the corner of his mouth. I mouthed, "Love you," to him before being pulled away by Alice and Rosalie towards the garage. They shoved me into Rosalie's BMW and headed off towards Port Angeles.

I turned around to stare at the road, wanting nothing more than to go back and stand by Peter.

"It'll be okay," Alice said, smiling at me as she turned around in the passenger seat. "They won't let anything happen. Besides, Peter just wants you to have fun with us."

I nodded, turning back around as we reached the end of the drive and turned towards Port Angeles. I didn't want to go shopping, but I had to admit that they were all right. There was no way that Peter would let me hang around if Edward was there. I just had to remember, he had my best interests in mind and it wouldn't help anyone if I was bleeding or had another broken bone.

"Where should we go first?" Alice asked. I opened my mouth, wanting to tease her, when she squealed. "Eww. We are never going anywhere near that place, Bella."

I laughed as she explained in a huff to Rosalie about where I was going to suggest. She started laughing as well, sending Alice into an even worse mood.

The shopping wasn't as bad as it had been in the past, but she was still running around and making me try on everything. Rosalie, on the other hand, said that she had something to do and ran off. I, on the other hand, was stuck with Alice.

After a bit, I told her that I was going to head to North West Fudge and Confections and would meet her there. On the way, I happened to pass Serenity Thrift Store and decided that it couldn't help to look around. They always had some amazing clothes whenever I decided to come to Port Angeles with Jessica and Angela. Of course, Alice would flip if she ever saw me buying anything there so I tended to have Jessica buy me things and I would pay her back.

Walking through it, I saw that my favorite shirt was sitting on the rack. I had been missing it for a few weeks, but didn't think that Alice had actually gotten rid of it. It was stupid, but it was a shirt that my mom got when we had been in Texas when I was five. It was strange, but for some reason that shirt meant more to me than I could ever imagine.

I grabbed that shirt and some other really cute things -- I hid the shirt at the bottom -- before going out to find Alice standing right outside the door, tapping her foot. I ignored her, walking into the Fudge store. If I talked to her, I would start yelling at her for giving away my favorite shirt. She meant nothing harmful by it, but I was so mad at her and I just wanted Peter.

"Bella?" I looked up to see Rosalie. "Alice is standing outside the door. She's saying that if she tries to talk to you, you'll start yelling at her." I just shrugged, knowing that it was true. "What's going on with you?"

"I went to Serenity Thrift Store and found my favorite shirt that Alice had given away there," I snapped, tears threatening to spill. "It's stupid and I've had the shirt for seven years, but I just can't explain it. I just love that shirt."

She sighed and said, "You bought it back then?" I nodded. "I'll make sure Alice doesn't throw away anything without asking you again. Now, let's get you some real food and then we can head back to see that boy of yours."

"Thanks, Rose," I muttered, smiling at her.

The rest of the trip wasn't as peaceful as it had been before. There was more of a hostile vibe between Alice and myself, especially after I found out what she had done. I was beyond mad at her, even though it would probably let up by the time I had to go back to Charlie's place. You just couldn't stay mad at Alice, for long anyways. Although, this was way worse than anything else she had ever done to me before. Maybe I wouldn't forgive her...

As we turned up the drive, even I could hear the snarling and growling that was taking place. I jumped out of the car to see Peter and Edward going at it again, Peter pinning Edward to the ground.

"No, stop!" I cried out, running towards them. "Don't hurt him."

Peter pulled away with a hurt look on his face, while Edward looked triumphant. I had no idea what that was going on, but I ran over to Peter and started to make sure that he was okay. I couldn't believe that Edward had started another fight, but I was just glad that we could get there before Peter was hurt.

"C'mon, Bells," Emmett complained as Peter's arms snaked around my waist. "You just ruined the best fight!"

I glared at him. "Then you fight Edward," I snapped before turning back to Peter. "Did he hurt you?"

That got laughs from everyone except for Edward and myself. "Edward couldn't lay a finger on Peter, Bella," Jasper said, trying to clam everyone down. "You don't have to worry about Peter getting hurt."


"I'm okay," Peter quietly said, his chin coming to a rest on the top of my head. "Now, you and I are going to go upstairs and have a little talk about running in between two angry vampires." He turned his attention to Rosalie and Alice. "Did you get them?"

Rosalie nodded and handed him a bag. He took me upstairs and set me on the bed, staring intently at me.

"I know," I sighed, looking away. "Running to vampires is a bad idea. I just didn't want you hurt."

He smiled and kissed my forehead, giving me a content feeling. He wasn't angry with me, he was just worried for my safety. "I will always come home to you, baby girl. Now, I asked Rosalie and the little pixie to get something for you." He pulled out a Palm Pixi Plus and handed it to me. It looked so pretty. "Promise me you will always have this on you."

"But-" I saw his pleading look and sighed. "Fine. I'll keep it on me." I leaned back into him. "Do I have to go home today?"

He smiled at me. "You have school tomorrow and I have a feelin' your father misses you."

"You'll pick me up from school?" I asked, making sure.

He smiled and promised, "Every day." He looked confused for a moment before asking, "Why is Jasper trying to calm Alice down? And why does she think you hate her?"

"She took my shirt," I stated, getting angry at her again. "It was my favorite shirt. I don't know why, but that shirt's always made me feel safe."

"C'mon, let's get you home."

"Thank you for this week, Peter," I muttered, hugging him before slipping my hand in his and walking out to my truck.

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