Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chapter 6

How was I so lucky to be mated to such an amazing girl? I will never know, but I thank whatever God is out there for her.

Unlike Charlotte, who never knew when to stop, my Isabella knew that there were some things that I couldn't talk to her about, yet. Hell, I really didn't want to explain about my time in the South to her even though I knew I would eventually have to. It would be a million times easier if I could have Jasper around so he could explain most of it, he's done it more than I have. In fact, I don't think I've ever explained about the wars down south.

When she asked about my ability, I told her the truth that I knew shit, but I couldn't explain it. Whatever it was wasn't a real ability, it was just something strange that I had been able to do since I could remember. Granted my memories of my human life were fuzzy but I could still predict strange things.

However, my driving her car was the worst point of the day. That thing was going to be scrap metal by the time I was done and she was going to get something that could go more than ten miles an hour. I could always mess with the engine, but I had a feeling that Esme and Carlisle would do me a favor and hide her car until she was vampire enough to help me rebuild the entire engine. I loved to build cars and engines, though Charlotte had always hated that. She always said that it wasn't something a vampire should be doing, but she can go fuck herself now.

Her father, though, was the same as all the fathers of the girls I had been around when I was human. He was just as protective of her as they had been, though I could make sure I worked my southern charm--not to mention vampire charm--on him. He seemed surprised when he found out that I was in the military, though that wasn't exactly true anymore and I would never return. Then again, what he knew couldn't hurt him or reveal that we were vampires.

When Bella left for her room, he turned to me and asked the question I knew too well. "What is your intention with my daughter?"

Somehow, I didn't think that, "I want to fuck her and turn her into a vampire so I can fuck her more," would be a good response so I answered, "Isabella is an amazing girl and I just want to help her to be able to protect herself. I would never dream of harming her in any way."

"How are you related to the Cullen's?"

"Esme isn't my aunt, other than by my father being remarried when I was one and having Jasper and Rosalie a few years later. He was a good man, but my mother was into drugs and things like that. He took me in after my mother was sent to jail. I'm just lucky that Esme let me live with her even if I'm in no way related to her."

"What would you do if Bella were ever harmed in any way?"

My expression turned dead serious. "I assure you, sir, I will never allow her to be harmed. I would die if it meant keeping Isabella safe."

"What about Edward?"

"He's up in Alaska visiting some friends of the family."

"Favorite baseball team?"

I smirked, having the answer from Bella. "Seattle Mariners."

"Good man."

When Bella came downstairs, I told her that I would be out in the car. I could hear her conversation with Charlie and her lie about how Edward was thinking about moving back up to Alaska. I knew that was too much to ask for, but one could still dream. She even made a joke about everything we did being safe, sane, and consensual. My little minx was back to making her dirty jokes.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet until we went up to her new room. She was laying on me again, when she asked, "What did you and my dad talk about?"

"Just guy stuff," I answered, knowing it was true.

"Tell me?" she asked.

I smiled and played with her hair while I explained. "He asked what my intentions were with you. We talked about how I'm related to the Cullen's. He also asked what I would do if you were harmed in any way and what was up with Edward." I breathed her scent in deeply. "Now, what are we going to do about you? Alice told me your birthday's coming up and I wanna know what you want."

"Nothing," she muttered, burying her face into my shirt. "I have everything I want right here."

"How about a trip to Britain? Or a new car? We could also go visit Texas?"

She giggled. "Peter, I don't like people spending money on me." She sighed as I kissed her head. "But I guess for you I could make an exception. Just don't let-"


God, that little pixie was fucking irritating at times. She burst in, scaring the shit out of Bella and making her fall off of both myself and the bed, hitting the floor. I growled in warning, telling Alice that she would pay if my mate was in any way hurt.

"Peter, calm down," Bella sighed as she stood up. "I'm fine, just a little surprised." She turned to the fucking pixie. "What's wrong?"

"You won't let any of us spend money on you, but you'll let him?!" She glared at me. "If you can get her a good gift then so can I. I'm not being out done by some guy."

"Alice," Bella groaned as she took her place back on top of me. "He doesn't know any better. Plus, you guys are always buying me clothes and things that I don't need."

I kissed her head, smirking at Alice. "You heard the li'l lady. Now, I suggest you leave before I call your husband." She pouted and sulked off to somewhere else in the house. "Now, tell me what your heart desires, my little Izzy." She turned to stare at me. "What?"

"You just called me Izzy," she stated.

I laughed it off, not wanting her to get suspicious. I wasn't ready to tell her that a few days ago wasn't the first time we met and Alice was doing a good job of hiding that secret as well. I wanted to wait a bit and see if she remembered it on her own. Granted she would be pissed when she found out and I didn't mention it, but that didn't matter. What mattered right now was her happiness.

"That's your name, isn't it?" I asked her. "Izzy Bella?" She giggled. "What?"

"I like you calling me Izzy," she murmured. "I haven't been called that since I was five."

I smiled, playing with her hair as I felt her breathing shallow. "Sleep well, my Izzy Bella."

After she was asleep, I went downstairs to find everyone sitting around. They all smiled when I came into the room; they had all become like the family I had never known after I became a vampire. They had accepted me with open arms, even if I was different from them and didn't follow the same diet.

"Edward's coming home the day after tomorrow," Alice reminded me. "He'll be angry that your scent is all over her."

"He can deal with it," I lazily said as I plopped down on the couch next to her. "Now, what are you planning for my mate's birthday?" She opened her mouth, bouncing up and down when I stated, "Nothing big." She pouted. "You will not go against her wishes, Alice."

Jasper smirked as his wife settled into his chest. He kissed her, trying to cheer her up as he said, "I will personally make sure that Alice doesn't go against her wishes." I nodded a thank you to my brother. "Have you told her about the wars yet? Alice said that she would ask you."

"I was hoping you could help with that," I told him. "I have never had to tell anyone about that." He nodded, assuring me silently that he would help me to explain to my mate about my past. "I know that y'all think of Bella as family, but if that asshole sets one foot too close, I am taking her away."

"We'll keep him away," Alice assured me, smiling. "Remember? I can see the future." I rolled my eyes at that. "Oh come on, Petey. You used to think it was funny."

I smirked at her and replied, "Nah, that laughter was at how some little shrimp could be so annoying and how the major could put up with you for more than thirty seconds." She pouted as Emmett laughed. "Come on, shrimp. You know I love you."

She brightened and said, "Of course you do. Who doesn't?"

That sent everyone laughing. After we recovered, Jasper suggested, "Why don't you go hunt? We'll keep Bella safe for you."

I nodded towards him. "I will in a moment."

I went upstairs and sat on the edge of the bed, moving my mate's hair from her face. She smiled as my fingers grazed her cheek, muttering, "Petey...wanna be...soldier...big."

I was in awe. She was dreaming about the time we first met. I leaned down and kissed her cheek, whispering, "Be good and no running away."


I smiled, kissing her one last time before disappearing. She was staring to remember. I couldn't wait until we truly were together for the rest of eternity.

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