Friday, April 30, 2010

Chapter 1

Who decided to cancel school the week after the year starts? Oh yah, the strike that all the teachers are on. I don't understand, but if I could spend time with Edward, I was not going to complain. It was even sunny out so there was a possibility of going to the meadow as well. 

"Bella," Alice squealed as I climbed out of my truck. "Come on, there's someone you have to meet. You'll love him, but we have to hurry before Edward gets home from hunting."

Alice pulled me inside to find that everyone besides Edward was sitting around. There was, however, someone else who was talking to Jasper. He was tall and muscular, more like Jasper's muscular, not Emmett. His shaggy hair was a dirty blond, almost light brown, and his pale skin sparkled from the sun that was coming through. He wore a plaid flannel shirt with and jeans that were adorned with cowboy boots and a hat. He looked familiar, like I had seen him before.

As soon as he turned to look at me, it felt like time had completely stopped. He was the only one in this room, his red eyes made him even more amazing. It was strange, I had always been scared of red eyes, especially after James, but with just felt natural. I had never been so attracted anyone, not even Edward, in my entire life.

"You must be Isabella," he said in a very thick southern accent. I couldn't do anything but nod in reply. "I'm Peter."

I just smiled at him, very stupid I know, but what else was I supposed to do? He was the most amazing thing and I was just...just me. I looked away from him as I wondered why anyone like him would like someone as dull and as boring as me. I wasn't anyone special and he could probably see it.

I felt a cold finger grip my chin and move my gaze back towards Peter. "Why are you so..." His voice trailed off as he stared at the scar that James had given me. "What the hell?"

Jasper stood up and moved me away from Peter, getting a snarl out of him. I didn't know what was going on, but no one else came near me as Jasper stood between us. It suddenly felt like I was being taken away from a part of myself. Trying to get around Jasper and back to Peter, however, was near impossible. My big brother was being over protective for some reason, which made no sense. I mean, none of this protective stuff even happened until after Peter saw my scar.

They were talking too fast for me to hear, that much I was positive of, but I wasn't sure what it was about. The others seemed to be watching a tennis match, they were obviously intrigued, which was pissing me off. If they were going to be annoying, then maybe I could get away and grab something to eat.

Unfortunately, when I tried my idea, I was grabbed by Peter. It made me cry out, causing Jasper to come towards me. For some reason though, Peter put me behind him and kept a hand on me while snarling at Jasper. This made no sense to me and was scaring me. I just wanted them to stop this and be friends again.

"Bella, be careful," Alice said, grabbing my attention. "He's not himself. I can't see what's going to happen, but you're the only one who can stop him."

That made no sense. How was I supposed to stop Peter from attacking Jasper? I was just some human who was nothing more than some girl who got involved with a bunch of vampires.

"What's going on?"

My head snapped over to the door where Edward was standing in the doorway. He was staring at us in shock as I turned my attention back to Peter. "Peter, calm down," I whispered, touching his arm. "Please, stop. Jasper's just trying to be a good big brother. He's not going to hurt me, no one is." He didn't stop growling. "The bite wasn't from any of them. It was from a nomad who wanted to play a sadistic game with me. I'm okay." He turned towards me, his black eyes staring into mine. "I promise, I'm okay. Jasper and the others saved me. They aren't bad."

He pulled me to his body, holding me close, but gentle enough to not hurt me. "Mine," he growled so softly that I almost didn't hear him. "Mine."

"Edward, no!" Alice cried out.

Next thing I could tell, Peter had me behind Jasper and Edward pinned against the wall. I didn't understand, he had just threatened Jasper and now he was trusting Jasper to be near me? This made no sense. Why was he acting like this? He couldn't care this much for me unless...

I gasped as a sudden thought popped into my head. When we had first seen James in the clearing, the others had kept their wives behind them with a hand touching their wives the entire time. I hadn't thought any of it then, there was too much going on, but I was starting to realize that it had been the same thing that Peter had been doing when he was faced with the threat of Jasper.

Peter thought that we were mates.

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